How it Works

The Science

ScaleBlaster is a compact, state-of-the-art electronic descaling system that is installed on the incoming waterline going to the home, building or equipment it is servicing.

This innovative product produces an oscillating electronic field using a unique and complex modulating frequency wave form that changes the physical shape, size and charge of the calcium molecules (the cause of hard water and lime scale formation).

Lime scale will no longer form inside the pipes or equipment that comes in contact with the hard water.  The surface tension of the water is lessened, preventing new scale for forming while removing any existing scale.


How it Works

The Signal

How it Works

Lab Test Results

Case Study

Utilizing ScaleBlaster to Reduce Lime Scale Build-up in an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

How it Works
The purpose of this case study is to determine the effectiveness of the ScaleBlaster system to reduce lime scale buildup on equipment in an industrial wastewater treatment plant which uses quicklime as the primary means of wastewater neutralization.