I wasn’t expecting this device to work well, but I figured I’d give it a try. With the money back guarantee & buying from Home Depot, I could always take it back. Installation was fairly easy, just wrap the wire around the main water line per the directions. In about a day, I noticed the water felt silkier. Dishes looked cleaner after running through the dishwasher. Showers felt better. Water scum was disappearing from the shower walls. My wife is extremely pleased with it. The improvement in the water is tremendous. I’d recommend.

I read reviews all over the web including those in some plumber websites. I can understand that some would think this “black box” wouldn’t produce any noticeable results and I was skeptical of course. After DAY ONE soap suds were more plentiful and water felt “lighter” Now, almost a week later, my ice no longer smells like pepper, and my BUNN coffee tastes better and smells more “coffeeish”. I’m just overjoyed. No intrusion to the system, and just a little time wrapping the wire.

I knew when the softener I had for 18 years quit I was going to go with one of these. I did the research and this seemed to be the best alternative. It is doing the job and I like it. As far as I can tell, it works as well as the softener an no more lugging salt. I installed it myself (I am a 70 year old lady) when the softener was and had a friend come change the plumbing and remove the softener. Soap rinses off better and my shampoo suds fine. I am pretty sure that I made the right decision getting this.

Unbelievable!!!! We recently took out our water softener due to drainage issues and were left frustrated at what hard water does to the dishes in our dishwasher. We found this on the website and bought one. We honestly didn’t think it would work, how could it? Boy, were we shocked when we emptied the dishwasher the first time after installing this. It worked and just as well as when we had a water softener. Wow! Something that works like it is advertised!

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