Case Study: City of Stuart Water Reclamation Facility

Case Study: City of Stuart Water Reclamation Facility

City of Stuart Water Reclamation Facility


The City of Stuart is located on Florida’s east coast and is known as the “Sailfish Capital of the World.” Their water reclamation facility is a conventional activated sludge treatment facility originally built in 1955.


The facility has a chlorine injection line used to sanitize the reclaimed water that would scale up weekly – restricting the pipe line going to the clarifier hundreds of feet away. The electronic valves and fittings would scale up and cause stress on the pumps with back pressure.


One SB-350 model was installed on the outgoing pipeline going to the clarifier – right after the chlorine injection equipment.


October 12, 2012


The results were astonishing. Scale formation virtually disappeared in the chlorine injector line. In the past, an employee would have to spend an entire day – once a week – flushing the lines and cleaning the electronic valves. The city now has a virtually maintenance-free system protecting the chlorine injector lines and the pumps are no longer subject to back pressure stress.