Case Study: Same Day Surgicenter (SSO)

Case Study: Same Day Surgicenter (SSO)

Same Day Surgicenter (SSO)


Same Day Surgicenter of Orlando, aka SSO, is a member of the largest network of outpatient surgery centers in the USA. They provide Orthopedics, Podiatry, Gynecology, Urology, Otolaryngology/ENT and Pain Management services.


The surgery center was looking for an alternative to water softeners to keep the boiler system free of limescale buildup. Any significant scaling in a boiler could cause an explosion if not controlled. A state inspector reviews the inside condition of the boiler to determine if it’s being properly controlled.


An old SB-400 was installed on the supply line feeding the boiler as well as the loop return line to insure total scale control.


June 2, 2008


Since the date of installation, the boiler has remained totally free of limescale buildup. Every six months the inspector comes by and is totally surprised to see no scale – despite the fact there is no manual cleaning with chemicals or the use of a water softener. The savings over the years have been in the tens of thousands of dollars in water softener costs, salt, water savings and labor.