Case Study: University of California Davis

Case Study: University of California Davis

University of California Davis


The University of California, Davis (aka UCD or UC Davis) is a public research university located just west of Sacramento and encompasses 5,300 acres of land. With more than 35,000 students and an administrative and academic staff of nearly 25,000, the university ranks among the USA’s best.


Due to extreme water shortages in the state, the university was under state-mandated orders to conserve water as much as possible. With extremely hard water in the area, water softeners were not an option any longer.


ScaleBlaster has been installed in over 150 buildings on the campus. The units range in size from the old SB-125 model to the industrial-sized SB-2800.


2004 – current


ScaleBlaster has been a total success with installations on more than 150 buildings including dormitories, faculty buildings, cafes, cooling towers and more. ScaleBlaster is now automatically spec’d on any new building and retrofits on the campus. Due to the tremendous success of ScaleBlaster at UC Davis, ScaleBlaster will now be installed on UC Santa Barbara and UC San Diego’s new buildings and retrofits. Less maintenance along with not having to use chemicals, water softeners and salt have saved UC Davis a considerable amount of money.