Case Study: Extended Stay America

Case Study: Extended Stay America


Extended Stay America operates 684 hotels across the USA and Canada with more than 69,000 rooms. They offer the largest number of extended stay hotels in the United States.


Various hotels in the chain, which are owned and operated by the company were having hard water problems. Limescale deposits, clogged aerators, poor water pressure were among some the experiences the hotels were having.


One SB-450 was installed in the Phoenix location on the main water line. Corpus Christi, Texas had one SB-250 installed; and the Orlando, Florida location had one SB-350 installed.


June 2013


The scaling issues have gone away as the ScaleBlaster units are a great “preventive maintenance in a box” product to prevent further issues of limescale formation in the building’s pipes while preventing scale formation in shower heads, toilets and other fixtures.