Case Study: Amalie Arena

Case Study: Amalie Arena


The Amalie Arena is a 21,500 seat state-of-the art arena that is used for ice hockey, basketball, arena football games, as well as concerts. It is home to the Tampa Bay Lightning of the National Hockey League and Tampa Bay Storm Arena Football League.  The 2012 Republican National Convention was held there. It is the 4th busiest arena in the USA.


The booster heating elements of the dishwashers in the kitchens were scaling up, causing a maintenance nightmare. Bacteria formation was a concern and the dishwashers needed to be working properly all the time. The entire building has corroded pipes and large industrial water softeners that were breaking down and wanted to get rid of.


As an initial test of ScaleBlaster, one SB-MAX was installed on the feed line going to the dishwasher.


July 18, 2014


Since installation, the heating elements are completely descaled. Additional ScaleBlaster units are now being installed on the players sauna room, the domestic water lines for the bathrooms and kitchens, the cooling tower-chiller system on the entire building, and the cooling tower for the ice rink chiller system.