Case Study: Krusovice Beer

Case Study: Krusovice Beer


Krusovice Beer was founded in 1517 and is one of the oldest and highly acclaimed breweries in the world. The company was acquired by Heineken in 2007 and their beers are widely available worldwide.


The brewery had major scaling issues on their cooling towers and costly water softener expenses for their huge dishwashers to clean the recycled bottles.


Several old SB-100 ScaleBlaster units were installed on their entire building, the cooling towers and in front of the dishwashers. This was one of the first major commercial installations ever done with ScaleBlaster outside the United States.


January 1996


Within days of installation of the ScaleBlaster units, the cooling towers at Krusovice Brewery were completely free of scale deposits, eliminating the constant chore of cleaning the system with acids and chemicals. A tremendous amount of money was saved on energy costs and downtime on the production of beer. On the dishwashers, less soap was used to clean the recycled bottles and has reduced calcium spotting on the bottles.