Case Study: Lincoln Towers

Case Study: Lincoln Towers


Lincoln Towers is an apartment / condo / professional office complex on the Upper West Side of New York City in Manhattan. It consists of several building on a 20-acre campus. It houses so many people that some of the buildings require their own polling place. The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is a block and a half away.


The 60-year-old buildings are experiencing major problems with the domestic water supply with poor water pressure. The higher the floor, the worse it got. This was
due to the plumbing system clogging up with heavy limescale formation.


Eight commercial grade descalers of SB-250s and SB-350s were installed at various levels of one of the buildings.


March 1-3, 2012


Within a month and a half, the Home Owners Association was getting positive news from residents that the water pressure in their apartments were increasing. Residents on the upper floors went from just a trickle of water pressure to full pressure. The option would have been to re-pipe the plumbing system, a job that would easily run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.