Case Study: Auvil Fruit Company

Case Study: Auvil Fruit Company

Auvil Fruit Company


Auvil Fruit Company is a very large fruit producer of apples and cherries located in Orondo, Washington. The company was formed in 1928 and now has more than 1500 acres supplying top quality fruit using their own innovative farming practices. The label of “Gee Whiz” is produced by Auvil and found on fruit nationally.


Hard water mineral deposits would form on the fruit while going through the handling process (water wash) and also while the fruit was being water flumed from receiving stations to processing lines. Then they would need expensive chemicals (acids) to help remove the mineral deposits during the packing process. This was a time consuming and costly process without the most efficient results.


Nine large SB-2000 industrial units were installed in conjunction with the overhead cooling systems.


January 2011


After installation of ScaleBlaster the company was able to immediately stop using expensive acid chemicals to remove the limescale deposits from the fruit. This has saved the company more than $200,000 a year in chemicals alone, not to mention the labor and maintenance involved. Fewer mineral deposits on the fruit were also noted.