Case Study: Durango Hills Water Resource Center

Case Study: Durango Hills Water Resource Center

Durango Hills Water Resource Center


In one of the biggest public works projects by the city of Las Vegas, a state-of-the-art $37 million Durango Hills Water Research Center was constructed. It collects municipal sewer wastewater and treats it to standards that make it safe for irrigation to many area golf courses and parks.


From the start, the ultraviolet disinfection system failed expectations and made it necessary to rely on sodium hypochlorite injection to ensure that output of the recycled water distribution system met safety standards. This in turn, caused rapid scale fouling of the two operating sodium hypochlorite disinfection systems. From the injectors to the contact basins, these systems include extensive networks of pipeline as well as valves, pumps, etc. Descaling meant 8 hours per week of acid washes and replacing sections of blocked pipelines.


One SB-200 was installed on the incoming pipeline.


June 2003


Within in one month of operation, the chemical feed line was completely scale-free and flow rates were optimal throughout the disinfection system. A second SB-200 was installed in April 2004.