Case Study: Mercury Insurance Group

Case Study: Mercury Insurance Group

Mercury Insurance Group


The Mercury Insurance Group is a large auto and property insurance company with more than $3 billion in revenue and 5,100 employees. One of their main offices is a large 8-story building located in Clearwater, Florida.


The building had significant scaling issues that were reducing the entire buildings plumbing related assets. They also were looking at a way to extend the life of their water pressure tanks to maintain constant flow throughout the building’s floors. Calcium stains were also a nuisance on the stainless steel water fountain tops, valves and sink fixtures. They did not want to use a water softener.


One SB-300 was installed on the hot water supply line and one SB-600 on the main waterline.


June, 2006


The visible limescale formation went away almost immediately, while the buildings expensive water pressure pumps and plumbing system have experienced no issues at all for nearly a decade now. The employees also reported better tasting water in their fountains, which lead to the removal of them buying bottled water.