Case Study: International Beer Garten

Case Study: International Beer Garten

International Beer Garten


The International Beer Garten is located in Lutz, Florida and provides patrons with a relaxed environment and the widest selection of beers across the world.


The International Beer Garten has two high-end Hobart Commercial under-the-counter dishwashers costing nearly $8,000. They are very compact in size, but offer a high-temperature, superior sanitizing system that can wash glasses and dishes in minutes. They save labor time for the bartenders who no longer have to hand scrub and sanitize hundreds of dirty glasses nightly. Within the first year, the expensive dishwashers started breaking down. The repairman said that limescale was building up on the bottom of the units, causing the parts to break. Repair bills were “in the hundreds” for every visit as the scaling issues continued.


After hearing about ScaleBlaster and researching the benefits it offers, a ScaleBlaster unit was installed on the main waterline going to the building.


January 28, 2010


Immediately after installation, the dishwasher breakdowns stopped completely. Since the installation of ScaleBlaster, the dishwashers have worked “like a charm” without the dishwasher breaking down and costing hundreds of dollars to repair. Downtime of the dishwasher is no longer an issue either.