Case Study: Comfort Suites

water softener


The Comfort Suites of Brandon is a deluxe, all-suite hotel and is part of the Choice Hotels International chain.


The hotel had a costly water softener that was constantly malfunctioning and breaking down. It even ruptured at one point – in the power room and flooded the boiler & hot water system with salt water, which effectively closed them down. Thousands of dollars were spent replacing very expensive equipment as a result of the softener. The hotel also experienced limescale buildup in the shower heads and aerators in addition.


Several other hotels in the area already had installed ScaleBlaster, so the decision was made to remove the softener before it could do any more damage. Commercial ScaleBlaster’s were installed on the incoming waterline of the entire building and on an intake waterline to the laundry room and dietary.


July of 2004


Not only has the sodium corrosion in the boiler/hot water equipment stopped, the hotel has experienced a major reduction in scale buildup in the shower heads and aerators. The system also helped to clear the salt out of the lines along the boiler & hot water system. Without any maintenance and having to add salt, the extra room originally needed for the softener and its brine tank has given them extra storage for supplies.