Case Study: White Castle

Case Study: White Castle

White Castle


White Castle is a hamburger restaurant chain generally credited as the first fast food chain in the USA. The company was founded in 1921 and is best known for its small, square hamburgers. In 2014, Time magazine labeled their slider to be the most influential burger of all time.


Due to the hard water in the area, the Illinois stores were experiencing lime scaling issues in the ice machines, stainless steel fixtures and in the coffee machines.


SB-MAX units were installed on the incoming waterlines entering the building.


April 8, 2013, October 23, 2013 & February 19, 2015


Scaling is no longer an issue in the machines or on the fixtures. The company maintains the highest standards in the industry as far as kitchen operations & cleanliness goes while using only the highest grade of equipment in their kitchens. Protecting their equipment while saving on labor and chemicals is a priority for White Castle.