Case Study: the Villages

Case Study: the Villages


The Villages is an active retirement community located in central Florida that was conceived more than 50 years ago. Today, it has a population of about 52,000 and Forbes magazine ranked The Villages as the number one fastest-growing small city in the USA.


Florida’s hard water presents a host of problems for health care facilities as water softeners are not an option for use on domestic water usage. Water softeners discharge brine into the water system polluting our environment. They also waste a lot of water when regenerating and are expensive to maintain. Water softeners break down all the time and require the addition of several bags of salt on a daily or weekly basis.


Commercial ScaleBlaster systems were added on the main water supply line to prevent limescale issues throughout the building and for domestic water use. Water softeners are not ideal for those on salt-restricted diets, in which most health care facilities are. ScaleBlaster units were also added on the laundry and dietary water lines.


Ongoing installations of ScaleBlaster have taken place since 1999 to today.


Dozens of facilities with hundreds of units installed in The Villages are enjoying the ScaleBlaster benefits of a no maintenance, no chemicals, and no salt alternative to hard water issues.