Case Study: Stone Land Farms

Case Study: Stone Land Farms

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Stone Land Farms is a large diversified family farming company formed in 1948. They employ 260 people and specialize in cotton.


Due to water restrictions, farmers are forced to use drip irrigation which scale up all the time with calcium deposits, requiring constant cleaning & replacement. Farmers are also looking for ways to yield their crops more efficiently because plants can’t grow as fast with the restricted water usage.


One SB-4000 was installed at the pump station on an 18” pipeline which supplies hundreds of acres with water.


February 4, 2013


Phenomenal results. The scaling issues in thousands of drip dispensers immediately stopped. The big story is that the less surface tension of the water allows the plants to grow much faster due to deeper water saturation. The roots go deeper into the soil which increases crop production dramatically. The amount of savings from the increased production generated by using ScaleBlaster is substantial.