Case Study: Various Cruise Ships

Case Study: Various Cruise Ships



Various very large cruise ship lines have installed ScaleBlaster worldwide. At the request of the cruise ship owners and their dealers, details on the names of the ships and some of the applications aboard the ships that ScaleBlaster is working on – are kept secret.


Cruise ship lines are using ScaleBlaster for various hard water issues. The cooling system that is used to cool the heat exchangers, the engine and other components, would rapidly scale up due to the saltwater being used. The huge ballast system would scale up badly. The labor intensive cleaning job on the 12” pipe and downtime to the ship is extremely costly. Scaling would be an issue in the pre-booster heating elements in the dishwasher. The sauna rooms stream generators would scale up and require constant maintenance.


Various ScaleBlaster models have been installed, including small commercial models and large industrial models, such as the SB-2800.


2010 to present


The hard water problems aboard ships, due primarily to the salt water, is considerably easier to manage because ofScaleBlaster. Scaling issues are greatly reduced or eliminated in the various applications aboard cruise ships (and other ships too like Naval or Cargo). The savings in acids and labor alone is considerable.