Case Study: Pall Corporation

Case Study: Pall Corporation


Pall Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of filtration, separation, purification & aerospace products. They employ 10,900 people with yearly revenue of 2.74 billion dollars. The company has plants and offices in 41 locations around the world. The New Port Richey, Florida branch handles the aerospace division.


Hard water was causing major issues with limescale formation in the process and cooling systems. Due to the nature of this being an engineering company and manufacturer of aerospace equipment for the military, the company asked that details remain confidential.


One SB-650 was installed on the main waterline going to the building and individual commercial ScaleBlaster’s were installed on the cooling system.


The original installation for the building was in March of 2000, and additional installs were in February 2009.


The scaling issues from hard water were solved without the need of a water softener. Pall Corporation has been named the top green company in the USA by Newsweek.