Case Study: Touch of Class

Case Study: Touch of Class


Touch of Class is a dry cleaner and laundry facility in Apollo Beach, Florida. The facility has all the laundry and dry-cleaning equipment on the premises.


The dry cleaners needed a way to keep the boiler from scaling up and causing an explosion. They had been injecting chemicals and renting a water softener. These strategies helped keep the boiler clean and pass semi-annual state inspections for safety. After the owner caught the water softening company “short bagging” him on a salt delivery, he went looking for other options.


A commercial ScaleBlaster unit was installed on the main waterline entering the building.


April 2001


A few months after installation the inspector came in. The boiler was cleaner than it had ever been while using chemicals and a water softener. The state inspector could not believe it! No chemicals were added. No water softener was in use. No more bags of salt were added. A totally maintenance-free system from ScaleBlaster.  ScaleBlaster’s payback period was a quick one with saving in water, salt and renting the equipment. In addition, the laundry whites are whiter, colors don’t fade as much and collars come out cleaner.