Case Study: Candlewood Suites

Case Study: Candlewood Suites


Candlewood Suites are a brand name of the InterContinental Hotels Group. There are more than 300 Candlewood Suites locations worldwide. The IHG owns over 4,600 hotels (including Holiday Inn’s) with 670,000 rooms worldwide.


Hard water was presenting serious problems in both hotels with the boilers scaling up, and limescale formation in the pipes, fixtures and more throughout the hotel. All the rooms in the hotels were affected. The Irvine location had a water softener where the bottom fell off and flooded out the building. The Austin location never had a softener, but were experiencing serious issues and needed a solution.


The Irvine location had three SB-350s and one SB-450 installed, while the Austin location had one SB-650 and two SB-350s installed.


Austin, TX was installed June 12, 2013. Irvine, CA was installed March 20, 2014


Within the three-month trial period, the limescale issues were a thing of the past- in both locations. No more clogged pipes, scaled up plumbing fixtures and/or inefficient boilers breaking down. The water softener will never be required again, saving them additional ongoing expenses such as maintenance, salt and water usage.