Case Study: Chinese Power Plants

Case Study: Chinese Power Plants

Chinese Power Plants


ScaleBlaster is a “household” name when it comes to power plants in China. China is the world’s most populous country with more than 1.35 billion people. Hundreds of large industrial units have been installed. Some of the plants include the Fuxin Power Plant in Shenyang City and the Liaoning Power Plant in Jilin Province. Other installs include Jilin Power Plant, Quinghemen Power Plant, Yuanbaoshan Power Plant and Bang Rong Power.


The various power plants suffered from severe limescale deposits in the pipe lines that are used to heat houses. The downtime, labor and chemicals used to treat the scale problems were astronomical. In addition to the pipe lines scaling up, the capital equipment that came in contact with water in the power plants were scaling up also.


Depending on the size of the pipe, hundreds of units SB-1200s, SB-1800s, SB-2000s, SB-2800s, SB-3600s and SB-4000s have been installed.


Since December 16, 2004 up to today, hundreds of units have been installed at various locations.


ScaleBlaster is solving scaling issues in China power plants to the point that the product is a necessity in the industry – with the millions of dollars it saves them.