Case Study: Horizon Bay Living Facility

Case Study: Horizon Bay Living Facility


Horizon Bay Living Facility is one of the Brookdale Senior Living communities and is the largest owner & operator of senior living communities in the United States. The Lutz location is a first-class facility that covers 5 acres and is surrounded by wildlife, trees and ponds.


The facility was renting a commercial salt-based water softener for the dietary & laundry zones to reduce their monthly maintenance chemical costs. However, they were having plumbing leaks and were under the impression the softener would correct those leaks.


When explained that softened water becomes aggressive and actually increases leaks, they decided to give ScaleBlaster a try. One SB-650 was installed on the entire building as well as one SB-350 on the laundry and another unit in the dietary area.


February 10, 2011


A short time after the ScaleBlaster units were installed, the water began to increase in temperature in less time. This was due to the removal of scale in the hot water tanks, allowing the water to heat faster. There was also a reduction in severity of the leaks that eventually stopped. ScaleBlaster is basically giving them the same results as a water softener would without the $550 monthly rental fees and the constant purchase of salt.