Case Study: the Towers of Channelside

Case Study: the Towers of Channelside


The Towers of Channelside are twin, 30 story luxury condominium located in downtown Tampa’s premier Channelside district.


The high-class condominium was experiencing hard water buildup in the plumbing system and shutting down their instrumentation probes that were used to monitor the check valves in their $40,000 water pumps. Residents were complaining of hard water issues.


Four SB-650 commercial units were installed on the main lines feeding their two towers. Water softeners would have been a much more costly investment with ongoing expenses like salt purchases and costly maintenance expenses, not to mention increased water & sewer expenses.


May 29, 2012


Instrument problems immediately stopped because of scaling issues and residents of the twin towers noticed a difference in their water within four months. Their entire piping system will remain scale-free, thus avoiding costly expenses of replacing the entire piping system decades from now.