Case Study: Clearwater Fleet Management

Case Study: Clearwater Fire Station


The City of Clearwater is located in the west coast of Florida, in the Tampa Bay area. The city is where companies like ScaleBlaster, Home Shopping Channel, Hooters, PODS started. The fire department serves more than 110,000 residents. The Guinness Book of World Records says Clearwater holds the record for most consecutive days of sunshine in a single year with 361 days.


The City of Clearwater (Florida) Fire Station was experiencing severe limescale buildup on the showerheads. The city had to bring a cleaning crew to come in often to take apart the shower heads and then clean them out.


A large commercial unit – the SB-350 – was installed on the incoming waterline going to the fire station.


August 20, 2014


The showerheads are completely scale-free. The city maintenance director is now planning on installing ScaleBlaster on multiple projects throughout the city.