Case Study: Mercury Insurance Group

Case Study: Phoenix Postal Distribution Center


The Phoenix Postal Distribution Center is a massive multimillion square foot facility that handles the mail for the entire state of Arizona. The mail is then distributed to hundreds of post offices throughout the state of Arizona – the 6th largest state in the USA and 15th most populated.


There are 50 evaporative coolers (or swamp coolers) located on the roof to cool the loading dock areas of this huge facility. Extreme summer heat in the desert (especially for workers on the loading docks) can be as brutal as you might expect. The cooler pads would scale up rapidly, requiring costly and time-consuming cleaning & replacement of the pads.


An SB-MAX was installed on three of the 50 evaporative coolers.


June 5, 2014


Within weeks, management “was impressed with the way the deposits noticeably washed away.” Months later, the project was a total success. There was no more limescale buildup on the cooler pads- resulting in savings in cleaning them and replacing them all the time. As budgeting allows, the other 47 swamp coolers will have ScaleBlaster installed as well as their massive cooling towers for the rest of the building.