Case Study: Monterey Wine Company

Case Study: Monterey Wine Company


The Monterey Wine Company is a custom wine production facility located on the central coast of California and was founded in 2002. They have a state-of-the-art facility with an emphasis on service, innovation & integrity in their wine making & bottling process.


The wine company needed a hard water and limescale preventive maintenance system on their heat exchanger for wine making process as well as the entire building. They also needed a preventive system for their large tankless water heater and filter systems.


One SB-450 was installed on the entire building, an SB-MAX was installed on the heat exchanger equipment and another SB-MAX was installed before the tankless water heater/filter system.


March 26, 2014


The ScaleBlaster system was installed as a preventive maintenance measure, and to date, no scaling issues are present.