Case Study: Palm Garden Healthcare

Case Study: Palm Garden Healthcare


Palm Garden Healthcare is a very large assisted living facility for senior citizens in the USA. They are committed to leading in the skilled nursing and rehabilitation arena.


Most of the Palm Garden facilities were using water softeners on their hot water tanks, boilers, washers, dishwasher & ice machines. One of the main facility’s water softeners “froze” up in the middle of the night while regenerating and flooded the dietary & laundry zones with pure salt water. The damage to equipment was extensive. It was then, that they found out the softener company’s only responsibility was for the damage to the softener itself.


The answer was to install commercial ScaleBlaster units in the whole building to control all the water, without the softener & the dangers connected to them. Units were placed on the incoming waterline to the building, and in front of the dietary and laundry areas.


The 25 Palm Garden facilities had units installed from the years 2000 – 2009


Since the initial installation, there was a 92% reduction in overnight leaks and no limescale buildup in the facility. Twenty-five Palm Garden’s in Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania are now equipped with ScaleBlaster. The $350 average per month, per facility, in salt & wasted water is no longer an expense, as well as the costly water softening equipment itself.