Case Study: Ghana Textile Company

Case Study: Ghana Textile Company


The Ghana Textile Printing Company is a large textile manufacturing company in Ghana, Africa. They employ more than 650 people and produce various types of textiles.


Looking for ways to reduce chemical expenses, water usage and save on energy cost, the company went looking for options to the huge water softeners they had been using to treat the water. They were also dosing sodium phosphate to prevent scale formation and performed regular acid washes. Industrial water softeners are costly, use lots of water, require huge amounts of salt and are prone to breaking down often.


Large commercial ScaleBlaster units were installed on the boiler feed lines.




With ScaleBlaster installed instead of using the huge water softeners and descaling chemicals and acids, the company was able to cut fuel costs 5.13% which resulted in savings of $60,666 the first year (USA currency in 1999). In addition, the company saved about $15,000 USD (1999 dollars) in scale prevention chemicals that year. There were additional savings in water, electrical and maintenance and on downtime to clean out the boilers.