Case Study: Beit El Wadi Hotel

Case Study: Beit El Wadi Hotel


The Beit EL Wadi Hotel is a first-class, 63-room hotel in Wadi El Natroun, Egypt.


The hotel was suffering from high levels of water hardness and limescale buildup in its plumbing system. They were using high quantities of detergents and facing mechanical problems with laundry machines. Bed sheets and towels had to be replaced frequently and guests were complaining from high level of scale deposits on bathroom faucets, toilets and blocked shower heads. Solar water heaters, installed on the roof, were getting totally destroyed from the very hard water – another costly expense for the hotel.


One SB-450 was installed on the main cold water inlet to the hotel and one SB-350 was installed on the cold water supply to the solar water heaters.


February 15, 2014


After just two months of installation, management of the hotel was very impressed with the results. Detergent use was cut in half from two cups per wash to one cup resulting in savings of EGP $875.00 a month. Use of other chemicals and additives remarkably decreased. The ironing machines no longer had blocked steamed outlets. Bed sheets and towels were noticeably softer. They were able to disconnect the water softener and they expect to save substantial money in operating costs.