Case Study: Cellynne Paper Corporation

Case Study: Cellynne Paper Corporation


Cellynne Corporation is a fully integrated paper manufacturer of quality tissue and towel products. They own several plants worldwide. They employ more than 300 people and produce more than 70,000 tons of tissue and towels. The Haines City location covers 48 acres with a 180,000 square foot building.


Paper manufacturing requires lots of water that gets hot and causes massive scaling issues. This included the vacuum lines that service the processing equipment. The scaling issues caused periodic plant shutdowns and time-consuming labor to clean everything with descaling chemicals. The downtime and loss of production would cost the company a tremendous about of money that we can’t disclose.


Four SB-350s were installed on the vacuum line.


June 9, 2009


Since installation, the scale, the plant shutdowns and lost production times are no longer an issue. Savings from using ScaleBlaster after all these years is astronomical.