Case Study: W Hotels

Case Study: W Hotels


The W Hotels & Resorts are a world-class, luxury hotel chain owned by Starwood Hotels & Resorts. There are more than 50 “W” hotels in 24 countries and continue to expand internationally. From the moment of arrival, guests are invited into surprising, sensory environments where amplified entertainment, vibrant lounges, modern guestrooms and innovative cocktails and cuisines create more than just a hotel experience, but a luxury lifestyle destination.


The pre-boilers for the dishwashers were scaling up continuously as well as the dishwashers themselves.


As an initial test for ScaleBlaster, two SB-MAXs were installed on the water lines before the pre-boilers.


April 22, 2014


The scaling issues on the pre-boilers and dishwashers immediately stopped. The hotel is planning to add more ScaleBlaster units on the hotel in the near future. Adding ScaleBlaster allowed the property to discontinue the use of their water softener system.