Case Study: Hok

Case Study: Hok



HOK (formally Heelmuth, Obata + Kassabaum) is the largest architecture-engineering firm in the United States. The firm has more than 1,600 professional staff employees across a global network of 23 offices and is active in all major architectural specialties. They have designed buildings all over the globe and major stadiums in the
USA. They are leaders in sustainable designing.


As a major architecture design company with sustainable solutions in mind, HOK is always looking to be the leader in “green” build & design by using state-of-the-art products. Water softeners pollute our environment with brine discharge while wasting lots of water.


Various architects of HOK have spec’d numerous ScaleBlaster units on buildings over the years.




The initial installations of ScaleBlaster that were spec’d by HOK were on the University of California – Davis, as shown in the photos. All of the units have performed as advertised, given end users an eco-friendly, maintenance and salt-free alternative to hard water problems.