Case Study: the Plaza at Harbour Island

Case Study: the Plaza at Harbour Island


The Plaza at Harbour Island is twenty-story luxury condo building located on exclusive Harbour Island in downtown Tampa, Florida. The striking architectural landmark offers breathtaking water and city views in every direction.


ScaleBlaster was contacted due to the growing problems related to hard water buildup in the plumbing system and the prominent hard water spotting that the residents were experiencing.


A commercial model SB-650 was installed on the four-inch main water supply line feeding the building.


February 2, 2012


Within a period of four months, the residents realized the benefits of the ScaleBlaster system. The spotting was reduced to a minimal level, increasing the ease of cleaning and offering esthetic benefits of not having hard water residue throughout the twenty-story building. The integrity of the plumbing system is also being protected due­ to the prevention of limescale buildup in the piping.