Case Study: Schlafly Brewery

Case Study: Schlafly Brewery


Schlafly Beer is Missouri’s largest locally owned independent brewery and was incorporated in 1989. They brew more than 50 unique styles of fresh beer, half of which are exclusively available in their two brewery restaurants. Their beers are also distributed in 15 states and are even available at Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals.


The water heater for domestic usage in the plant was constantly scaling up and not delivering enough hot water. Maintenance had to keep cleaning out the boiler, heating elements as well as the pipe lines on a regular basis.


One SB-350 was installed before the water heater.


April 6, 2011


Limescale formation stopped forming in the water heater, heating elements and the copper pipes, allowing Schlafly’s technicians to address other maintenance issues in the rapidly growing brewery.