Case Study: Tinker Air Force Base

Case Study: Tinker Air Force Base


Tinker is a major U.S. Air Force base with tenant U.S. Navy and other Department of Defense missions near Oklahoma City.


Located in one of the hardest water areas in the USA, treating hard water required expensive water softeners. They are expensive to purchase and operate, waste tons of water and are not environmentally-friendly. With a green initiative, they were looking to replace their traditional water softener methods with an alternative.


Dozens of commercial ScaleBlaster units from SB-250s to SB-450s were installed on their dormitories and in the cafeteria.




Upon completion of the 90-day trial, Tinker AFB made the decision that ScaleBlaster had proven to be effective in combating their hard water issues. Several more commercial units were installed throughout the base. The ScaleBlaster units have effectively eliminated the need of water softeners, saving them on salt usage, conserving water and elimination of the backwash process that pollutes our environment. As noted in the photo, they even use one of their water softening tanks as a storage for their brooms and shovels!!